Hooks with Adhesive

Hook With Adhesive for Hanging

When it comes to customer engagement, products that are prominently displayed throughout a store enjoy a distinct advantage. This is because people must first see a product before considering a purchase. To achieve this, many retailers opt for a straightforward solution like a hook with adhesive to exhibit their merchandise.

Adhesive Tab for Display Shelf Retail

Hooks with AdhesiveHang sell packaging offers a clever way to showcase your products to the world. These unassuming additions bring a touch of innovation without requiring significant effort or financial investment, yet the hook with adhesive can significantly enhance the value of your merchandise. In a crowded marketplace where, numerous products vie for consumer attention, having your items prominently displayed can make the difference between a shopper adding your product to their cart or simply passing it by.

While multiple products can be placed on store shelves, those that are prominently visible and easily accessible are the ones hanging right in front of the customer’s eyes. Even for products that typically wouldn’t be displayed using display hang or mounts, a hook with adhesive provides an opportunity to exhibit them without the need to alter the product’s existing packaging or incur substantial costs.

It’s almost a no-brainer to leverage adhesive hook tab technology to increase visibility in today’s competitive marketplace.

Varieties of Hooks with Adhesive

Adhesive PET tabs are available in a variety of forms to cater to all your products. These different types of hang tabs are designed to accommodate varying product weights and configurations, attaching securely to one side of your packaging with strong adhesives.

These display hangs, or hooks made of PET plastic, are remarkably robust, and their adhesive backing provides peace of mind, ensuring that hang tabs support both you and your products. Here are the various types of Hang Hooks available in the market:

  1. Round Hole Hang Tabs: These plastic hang tabs come in multiple sizes, allowing you to use them for different products. They are favored by many retailers and are an excellent choice for hanging products weighing up to 400 grams. These tabs offer cost-effective reinforcement for smaller packs with hanging holes that are prone to tearing.
  2. Euro Slot Hang Tabs: These plastic hang tags are versatile and suitable for a wide range of products. Their unique shape is familiar to consumers, and they maintain an even weight distribution while retaining consumer appeal. Euro Slot Hang Hooks can support weights ranging from 400 to 600 grams, making them ideal for heavier products.
  3. Delta Slot Hang Tabs: The Delta Slot features a hole designed for peg hooks with single or double prongs. These tabs are robust and can support merchandise weighing anywhere from 400 to 1000 grams, depending on their size. Their strength can accommodate even the largest of your products.
  4. Hook Hang Tabs: This style of plastic tab offers convenience to customers by allowing them to directly remove the product from the display peg. These tabs are a popular alternative to other forms of plastic tabs and are also sturdy, capable of supporting weights ranging from 400 to 500 grams of merchandise.Hooks with Adhesive 2

Regardless of the type of hook with adhesive you choose for your products, the use of adhesive tab undeniably enhances consumers’ interactions with your merchandise, providing them with the opportunity to examine your products more closely. Instead of having your merchandise placed on shelves or tucked away in hard-to-reach areas, incorporating Hang Hooks and positioning them at eye level with consumers is the superior choice.

How Hang Tabs Australia can Help

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Hang and Display 2

Hang and Display for Increased Product Visibility

When you’re walking down a store aisle, something that is eye-catching will probably hold your interest more than something hidden behind a mountain of things on a shelf. These days, with our attention spans getting shorter and shorter, a sure-fire way to get your products the attention they need is through hang and display technology

Level Up Product Placement with Hang Sell Packaging

Hang and Display 1Hang and Display 2An increase in product visibility can mean the difference between consumers buying a product versus merely passing it by. Utilizing plastic hanging tags in your hang and display layout is sure to increase sales like no other. 

Instead of hiding away your products on a shelf where product placement becomes a jigsaw puzzle of a conundrum, why not place them where everyone can see them—right in front of the customers’ eyes? Plastic hanging tags make product placement a breeze.

One more point towards the humble hanger tab is that it can make any rack look neater. Once the chaos of shoppers reign down upon a store’s aisles, things on shelves can look disheveled. Putting them back in order requires a great deal of time and restocking can be a nightmare. If however, these products were hanging instead, cleaning up would be much easier. The whole facade of a store will also have a neater and more organized appearance.

Another great advantage of hang and display over traditional shelves in-store is that they make it easier to access the merchandise—undoubtedly a welcome change for consumers and for whoever has to restock the merchandise. Unlike the rigors of accessing the furthest reaches of a topmost shelf, the different shapes of hanger tabs can be utilized to ease anyone’s access with hang tabs.

Types of Hanger Tabs

For all manner of products, there is an equivalent number of hanger tab types. The different types of hanger tabs can be used for varying weights of merchandise as well as configurations. This is made possible due to the fact that you can basically place the hang tab on any side of a product and it will hold that product’s weight with ease. This nifty feature also gives you the chance to boost the appearance of a store rack and allow for variety when showcasing products for the consumers’ perusal. 

The types of hang sell packaging can be applied to different types of display pegs, too. The hanger tags also come in different shapes of hooks in order to adapt to the pegs you have at your location. This means that there is an appropriate type to suit all you product needs.

What To Look For in Hang Tabs

Depending on your needs, there is certainly a hanger tag out there for you. Whichever type you choose however, one important aspect to note is the quality of the hanger tab. Good quality adhesive is necessary to protect your product from falls as well as protect your customers from any accidents. Once a good adhesion is ensured, you can then proceed to hang the merchandise without worries

Besides the function of hanging your products for the world to see, hang and display tags also enhance the appearance of your product’s packaging. Sometimes an additional “aesthetic boost” can be that little push that a customer needs to snag one of your merchandise. And since the adhesive backing is clear, there is no disruption to the already existing packaging and your product packaging design is still visible. This is one aspect you will need to consider when purchasing these self-adhesive plastic hanging hooks.

How Hang Tabs Australia can Help

With UK Hang Tabs, you are sure of quality products with exceptional performance. Our team caters to international clientele, bringing forth a global network well-suited to help bolster your business and products to the next level. Contact us now!