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Hang Tabs Adhesive Strength Test - What Weight Can We Hang?

Hang Tabs Adhesive Strength Test - What Weight Can We Hang?

As part of our hang tabs development and quality assurance, extended trials are done to test the adhesive strength of our hang tabs.


There are standardized tests prescribed to test adhesives. The test we used are based on timed trials where the adhesive section of the hang tabs is applied to a stainless steel plate. The other side of the steel plate is attached to weights; and the hanging hole/profile is on a peg or a rail.


These tests are conducted at room temperature, except where we are testing cold adhesive products. These tests are done over a period of months and sometimes, years. See picture below:


Hang Tabs Adhesive Streght Test


On every product description, we report the time and the maximum weight held under these conditions.

In practice, there are a number of variables that will affect the performance of the hang tabs. These variables include:


a. The surface - some cardboard materials are friable. Some plastic materials have slip agents and oils, especially films.
b. Hanging Angle - the adhesive tests are done in the direction of hanging vertically. Some products will tend to hang on an angle which will have the effect of peeling the hangtab off overtime.
c. Exposure to sunlight - overtime exposure to strong light can affect the adhesive.
d. Temperature - adhesives not meant for cold storage will show reduced hanging strength. High temperatures can also affect adhesive strength.
e. Presence of moisture - if there is condensation or moisture on the product prior to applying the hang tabs this will affect the adhesive strength.
f. Surface Smoothness - if the surface is rough or if the adhesive is placed over an area of the pack like a heat seal area this wil reduce the adhesive strength.
g. Pack Flexibility - for bags, the use of hang tabs with flexible adhesive area, will help maintain adhesive strenght when bags tend to deform from hanging straight.
h. Application - apart from the placement of the hang tabs, the pressure used when applying the hang tab will have an impact.


The above list of variables is not exhaustive but it demonstrates that the only way to know if your application is suitable is to do trials under the circumstances that you are applying your hang tabs.


It is common place for hang tab suppliers to recommend weights of up to half the maximum tested weight and this is a good starting point for any hang tabs selection.


Heavy Products Note: 

If your product approaches the max wt of our larger hang tabs tests, the options become less but they are still available; including:


a. Using more than one (1) hang tab - this can sometimes be done on the front and the back of a box so that the product hang straight.
b. The use of a hinged pair of hang tabs - particularly effective for heavy bags. see Delta Large Three Ways or Euro Large Three ways.
c. Custom hang tabs - we have a fast and cost effective prototype service that is suitable when your project can justify appropriate minimum order qty.


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2018-04-11 20:35:47

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