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Benefits of Using Hang Tabs

Benefits of Using Hang Tabs

UK Hang Tabs

Numerous businesses are missing out on a number of sales benefits by not being aware of Hang Tabs and the way they can gain from their use. Hang Tabs can be simply defined as self adhesive hooks applied to retail products that otherwise had no way to be hung in a retail environment or need their hanging feature reinforced..

Superstores or supermarkets showcase thousands of different products.  Getting noticed or standing out amongst those products, without a doubt, is a challenge.


One way to grab the buyer’s attention on retail goods is the smart use of self adhesive hooks where retailers can display merchandise at eye level rather than having to stack it on shelves. 

Hang selling products brings the following benefits:


  • Increase sales by creating an attractive display of products.
  • An obvious reduction in retail space used
  • Significant reduction in packaging when compared to other forms of hang sell like blister packaging or large header cards.
  • Fast stock movement resulting in decreased loss for products with shelf life

Hanging Tabs


Hangstrips provide a solution for hanging more items attractively in small hanging spaces.

Universal Hangstrips are commonly made from plastic material with a vertical pattern of evenly spaced hanging holes that can hang products vertically, one above the other. Little boxed objects or other items without hanging feature can use hang tabs to provide hanging capabilities.

The use of display strips or hangstrips - to present more choices and assortment of merchandise while presenting the choices at the customers’ eye level meets the retailer’s objective. Visibility of product and greater density display is easily achieved by hang selling products.  Hang Tabs and in some instances Hangstrip(s0) are just the tool for hang selling.

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2014-03-14 00:50:58

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