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Hang Tabs Adhesive Strength Test - What Weight Can We Hang?

As part of our hang tabs development and quality assurance, extended trials are done to test the adhesive strength of our hang tabs.   Th ... more

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2018-04-11 20:35:47,   0 comments

Benefits of Using Hang Tabs

UK Hang Tabs Numerous businesses are missing out on a number of sales benefits by not being aware of Hang Tabs and the way they can gain fr ... more

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2014-03-14 00:50:58,   0 comments

Reasons Why are Hang Tabs Applied in Shops and Not by the Manufacturer

In many progressed countries around the world, the key need and purchases for hang tabs is made at the Point of Sale (POS). We frequently s ... more

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2013-04-24 23:46:47,   0 comments

Pad Form Hang Tabs and Their Benefits

Normally, hang tabs are made up of clear plastic with hooks or holes useful to hang items using its sticky area at the lower portion. You ca ... more

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2013-04-24 23:22:56,   0 comments

Self Adhesive Hooks and Universal Hangstrips has self adhesive hooks and universal hangstrips for the small and large retailer or manufacturer. solely ... more

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2013-04-18 17:26:15,   0 comments

When Should I Use a Delta Slot Hang Tab and When Should I Use a Euro Slot Hang Tab?

Interestingly, the answer is they are generally interchangeable and perform identical functions. Applications of HangTabs Sometimes called ... more

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2013-04-18 17:25:02,   0 comments

Hang Tab Producers – Cutting Corners?

Apparently , manufacturers of delta slot and euro slot hang tabs are cutting corners by not cutting the corners. A Prevalent Oversight and ... more

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2013-04-18 17:23:55,   0 comments